Who We Are
As Lighthouse lighting specialists, we are some of the best trained lighting designers in the industry today. We know exactly how to produce lighting designs that have that custom tailored look you desire for your home and property.
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Colorado
Let us light up your world!
About Lighthouse
Lighthouse Outdoor Lighting of Colorado is a full-service landscape and architectural lighting design, installation, and service company that specializes in enhancing outdoor living spaces for residential and commercial clientele.

Our focus with each and every project is to enhance the four individual principals of quality lighting design.

Aesthetics - We recognize that the visual enhancements to the home and property are going to be the priority of most customers. Most of our clients want to beautify the architecture and landscape surrounding their homes. We will expertly design the most effective and efficient system to make your home and surroundings beautiful.

Security - When designing your lighting system, we always consider the areas around a home that could be a potential ingress location for those seeking to break in. Properly placed outdoor lighting provides passive security for a property by illuminating the dark corners around windows and doors that could potentially be access for unwanted visitors.

Site Safety - It is essential that when designing and outdoor lighting system the designer makes a professional assessment of the grounds around your home to locate and identify potential tripping hazards and elevation changes. Our design will eliminate or mitigate these hazards, keeping you friends and family safe while navigating your property at night.

Extended Usability - When an outdoor space is properly illuminated it can be utilized as easily in the evening as during the day. Lighthouse designers know exactly how to light your space to make it warm, inviting, and usable.

If you would like to see how we can put your home in the best possible light, give us a call for a fee, no hassle consultation and on-site lighting demonstration so you can see the possibilities of of lighting your property.
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